Friday, May 31, 2013

About AG's new earrings and their prices.

A while back, I was surfing the American Girl website and searched for earrings! I had a mini heart attack when no MAG/JLY earrings showed up. I have been saving for the "I Love Sports" earrings set. But recently, American Girl released a new set of earrings, the "Fancy Earrings" set, as pictured below.

Like every other MAG/JLY earring set, this one comes with three doll earring studs and three doll earring dangles. The studs can be worn alone, or worn with a dangle attached. The dangles cannot be worn alone. It features white, blue, and gold studs, pearly white heart-shaped dangles, pale blue teardrop dangles w/ beads, and gold dangles that almost look like small hairbrush bristles! The price is $10. 

These are the "Fresh & Fun Earrings" set. It is meant to pair up with the "Fresh & Fun Outfit" for dolls. The butterfly dangles were offered in the previously sold "Everyday Play Earrings" set, but that set got retired. It comes with crystal-like silver, crystal-like red, and blue and yellow flower studs. The dangles are purple butterflies, red hearts, and gold rings adorned with a gold flower beads. The price is $10. 

It seems that AG has raised their prices once more! The majority of the previously offered earring sets were sold for $9 dollars. 

This "Pretty Party Earrings" set was sold in 2011 for $7. Though this earring set and the new "Fancy Earrings" set are very similar, I personally like these earrings better. Even for something so minor, the price has increase 3 full dollars. That might not seem like a lot, but imagine, those would be three good dollars that could be used for something else. 

I do not plan on buying any of these new sets, I don't think they're worth it. Even though I have not actually seen them in person, I am not too big of a fan. What do you think?