Thursday, June 27, 2013


American Girl has released a huge collection of new doll items today. Here are some pictures:

New Dolls!:

This is American Girl's 59th MAG Doll. She is $110 dollars without earrings. This doll is a lot like Just Like You / My American Girl 29 and Just Like You / My American Girl 57 combined. She has layered hair like MAG #29 and light skin like MAG #57. They both have brown hair and brown eyes, like this new doll. I think this was a good choice on AG's part, because there is a big demand for dolls with brown hair and eyes.

This is American Girl's 60th American Girl doll. She is $110 dollars without earrings. I really like this doll because she is practically like Just Like You / My American Girl 49. I've always wanted MAG #49 but according to reviews I was a bit scared of her hair and I didn't want to buy her and just mess it up. This version of MAG #49 is with light skin and layered hair. I must say bravo to American Girl on this! I love this doll, and who knows, she might make it into my collection someday.

Now moving on to New Clothing!:

This is the Flower Sweater & Skirt for Dolls. It's $30. I think it's cute but not worth $30. I like the skirt a lot. :D

This is the Striped Hoodie Outfit. It's also $30. I think AG's really catering to the modern fashionistas here with the "slim fit" jeans and converse-like shoes. That combination seems to be very popular now a days.

This is the School Days outfit. It's sold for $30. In my opinion this is the most hideous outfit in the new release I hate the green-blue-yellow combination and it's just so- plain. I would not buy this.

Finally, you can buy all the above outfits for $90 in the Mix and Match Outfit collection. If you buy them together, you get free accessories, an embroidered purse and a pair of sunglasses.

This is the Tropical Bloom outfit. It is $28. Personally, I love this outfit. I love the design on the tunic. The blue-greens add a fabulous touch.

View the rest of the new items on American Girl:

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Springfield 18" doll Clothing and Accessories GIVEAWAY!

Doll Diaries is hosting a new giveaway! A ton of Springfield 18" doll clothing and accessories are being given away. Enter before it's too late! All entries are due June 25, 2013!


Friday, May 31, 2013

About AG's new earrings and their prices.

A while back, I was surfing the American Girl website and searched for earrings! I had a mini heart attack when no MAG/JLY earrings showed up. I have been saving for the "I Love Sports" earrings set. But recently, American Girl released a new set of earrings, the "Fancy Earrings" set, as pictured below.

Like every other MAG/JLY earring set, this one comes with three doll earring studs and three doll earring dangles. The studs can be worn alone, or worn with a dangle attached. The dangles cannot be worn alone. It features white, blue, and gold studs, pearly white heart-shaped dangles, pale blue teardrop dangles w/ beads, and gold dangles that almost look like small hairbrush bristles! The price is $10. 

These are the "Fresh & Fun Earrings" set. It is meant to pair up with the "Fresh & Fun Outfit" for dolls. The butterfly dangles were offered in the previously sold "Everyday Play Earrings" set, but that set got retired. It comes with crystal-like silver, crystal-like red, and blue and yellow flower studs. The dangles are purple butterflies, red hearts, and gold rings adorned with a gold flower beads. The price is $10. 

It seems that AG has raised their prices once more! The majority of the previously offered earring sets were sold for $9 dollars. 

This "Pretty Party Earrings" set was sold in 2011 for $7. Though this earring set and the new "Fancy Earrings" set are very similar, I personally like these earrings better. Even for something so minor, the price has increase 3 full dollars. That might not seem like a lot, but imagine, those would be three good dollars that could be used for something else. 

I do not plan on buying any of these new sets, I don't think they're worth it. Even though I have not actually seen them in person, I am not too big of a fan. What do you think?